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Welcome to Karin’s Website

I am a practicing Psychic Intuitive, in the Austin Central Texas area, located in Pflugerville, TX.

I have been a professional psychic since 1988.

There have been many people I've read about, listened to and learned from. Some of these well-known psychics and mediums that I admire are: George Anderson, Edgar Cayce, James Van Praagh (James Van Praagh was a consultant on the television show, "Ghost Whisperer"), Hypnotherapist and regressionist Brian Weiss, and many more.

In my practice I encourage feedback and am continually striving to improve my abilities.

There are some things you should be aware of when you want to get a psychic reading.


Dragonfly whispers with the brush of its


Changing dreams to reality,

Transformation it brings.

Dragonfly flutters with the breath of its wings

Its Spirit brings wisdom

And God's blessings it sings.

-Karin Bergthold

Listen to Karin's 30-minute interview, "Enhance Your Intuition and Connect with Your Guides" by clicking below.



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