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Your Questions Answered

Due to time constraints, Karin will no longer be answering random questions on her website. Thank you all for your participation.  

There have been many questions already submitted, so Karin has chosen one at random to answer. 

You can, however, get a reading from Karin. Please click here to get more information about Karin's readings:

Q: My grandmother passed before my daughter was born. My daughter, K., now 5yrs old does so many things my grandmother would do. Has my grandmother come back through my daughter? My daughter has even mentioned the name Helen and how beautiful it was. That was my grandmother's name my daughter never knew.

A: That is very fascinating, indeed. When I asked if your grandmother has come back through your daughter, I'm feeling she most likely has, but I also get the sense she's a close relative (maybe a sister) of your grandmother's. For some reason it's going back and forth between your grandmother, and this other relative. I am hearing you will know in time, but I do believe she is the soul of your grandmother. There will be a few more clues so that you will know for sure by the time your daughter is 7 years old.

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