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About Karin

(At the end of this page, there is a 30-minute recording for you to click on to hear Karin's interview, "Enhance Your Intuition & Connect with Your Guides.")

People often ask me how I came to be a professional psychic. The earliest psychic experience I remember was at the age of four.

My grandmother had just died, and on the day of her funeral, I heard her say to me, "Karin, when you die you see God's face."

I asked her, "Mama, so you are with God now?"

Mama just repeated the phrase. "Karin, when you die you see God's face."

At that moment I saw the back of Mama's head and she was looking at lights. To my 4-year-old mind, I thought God looked like a man, and all I saw were swirling lights of various colors.

I said to my her, "Mama, that doesn't look like God." But I knew those lights were somehow God because my grandmother said she was with Him.

Not only was I not sad anymore, I was very excited to know she was happy and with God. It was also at that time I knew without a doubt there really is a God.

Since then, I've had many psychic experiences only I didn't realize they were psychic experiences. They just seemed so natural to me; they were a part of who I was and am to this day.

In the eighties I became interested in psychic phenomena and in 1988 I took psychic development classes.

I then joined the Central Texas Parapsychology Association (CTPA). My Psychic Development teacher felt I was ready to give readings to the public, and suggested I do psychic fairs.

I had to do several test readings for the CTPA which I passed, and that year I began reading at the fairs professionally.

Later, I became a member of the Board of Directors and served as Ethics Committee Chairperson for the CTPA.

In 1992 I founded my business which I named Empathways. (Pronounced emPATHways).

I am an Empath which means I can feel and sense the energy surrounding my clients.

I'm also able to help people with the different pathways they are facing in their lives and help them choose which path would be the best for them to take.

I'm also clairvoyant, which means I sense the pictures and images in my mind's eye, as well as clairaudient, where I'm able to hear Spirit Guides speaking to me.

The Tarot cards also add depth to my readings. Since I am a clairvoyant, I read the cards intuitively which helps to enhance the reading. The cards also help when answering my clients' specific questions.

My Education background: I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. I also hold a Master's (M.Ed.) degree in Education.

Before venturing in to my psychic business full time, I taught elementary school fourteen years. In 1992 I decided to make the transition from part-time psychic to full time.

My business has increased by leaps and bounds through word of mouth, and I now have a worldwide clientele.

You can get a reading from me by e-mail, regular mail, phone, and in person.

I also teach psychic development classes. For more information on what to expect from a reading with Karin, click Readings.


Phone: 512-990-2210   Email:

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