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Did you know Karin is also a pet psychic? I didn't either!! She spoke to my Maltese, who was having issues wetting all over the house almost daily. She explained to him how important it would be for him not to do that, and how his behavior was hindering his relationship with me. He stopped immediately, and hasn't had a wetting accident since the summer of 2011. I can't thank you enough, Karin!

Samantha, Round Rock, TX

Karin is a compassionate, insightful psychic who tuned into my concerns easily. She has offered accurate advice on many occasions that eased my mind and enabled me to see the future more clearly. I recommend her highly. She is first-rate.

Karen W. Connecticut

Karin is the best psychic medium I have ever had. She is such a personable and sincere person, a true treasure to speak with. Karin has changed my life because I now have no doubts that there is indeed an afterlife. Because of my readings I have begun a personal spiritual journey. I am very much looking forward to taking her psychic development classes in order to continue my journey.

Becky B., Pflugerville TX

Your readings have helped me figure out so many things regarding relationships, my pets, and how to better communicate with my spirit guides. I appreciate that you are always honest and dont simply tell me what I want to hear. I continue to recommend you to friends and family.

Paige, Pflugerville, TX

Karin is not only an amazingly talented psychic, but she is one of the most personable, interesting, and ethical people I have ever met. I have never known her to veer from "the light" in her work - she concentrates on the greater good for all in her profession - and I would never hesitate to recommend her as the best example of the psychic community I have ever known.

C.P. Austin, Texas

I was very impressed with my reading on Saturday and hope to meet with you again. Thank you.

Lori Red Rock, Texas

Karin Bergthold is one of the best psychics around. I am a psychic myself, and when I need personal advice, I go to Karin. I have known her for 17 years, and she is quite accurate and very tactful and compassionate in the way she presents the information she receives. First and foremost, Karin wants to help people with their problems, their lives. I highly recommend her.

Sherri Bakewell, Birmingham, England

You are truly Gods gift.. You are not one of the many that are fake.. You are honest and you help people on many different levels.. I truly love our chats that pertain to these things. You have helped me in so many ways as well as having helped others I know.. Thank you for bieng there for me through this rough time!! and thanks for the talks... Love Ya.....

Lindsay D. West Columbia, Tx

I saw you about 8 years ago about 4-5 different times and have referred serveral people to you. You are fantastic and extremely accurate with your readings. You have helped many people and I will be visiting you again very soon. I need your help with taking the right path. Thanks for everything!

Sarah C. Austin, Texas

You are a great person and anyone that has a reading from you is very lucky. You are right on and have a wonderful gift.

Cynthia B. California

You are an incredible psychic and I love your readings.

Charlotte H. Magnolia, TX

"Karin, you were right! I took your advice, and you were right about resolving a few things - I hadn't with her - I'd rather not even talk to her - but through you insistance - I had the time to type out a LONG e-mail on exactly what all I do. That was great advice - in the 'nick of time.'Thanks again for your very accurate advice."

K.P.Austin, Tx

Karin is so wonderful. She gives such gentle and intuitive guidance. She made a huge difference in how I approached a very difficult situation in my life. Thank you Karin, I know I'll be seeing you again soon.


Karin, you were incredibly insightful, our discussion in 1997 had roots and impact from 2000 through 2004. Your as close to full-blown legitimate as an openminded skeptic can admit!

Clay Lambert

It's been a long time since I have seen you. I miss your readings. I miss your guidance. You are awesome. I think about you all the time. Hope to see you soon. alex, rick and the girls whitney(6) and mackenzie(3).

Alexandria Vail

Your readings are very accurate, and I wish you much future success.

Edward O. San Diego, CA

I lost your phone number and address. I was so elated when I received your postcard in the mail. My last reading was so profound and auspicious, that I am so looking forward to my next reading! Your website resonates, like the warmth of the rising sun!


"There are so many things I can say about Karin's readings.The best part is that they're very upbeat, positive and focused on the possibilities. She has also reassured me many times that things will work out and that through prayer God and I have the ability to change the things which can be changed. Anyway, I thank Karin a bunch for her support, guidance and has helped tremendously!!!"

L.B. San Antonio, Tx

Karin: I just finished a telephone reading with you and I feel much better. I have known you for quite some time and I have always enjoyed your readings. You are a great person. I feel so warm when visiting. Thank you Karin for helping me.


I have been seeing you for years and have always left feeling positive about my future and my ability to change the outcome. You (Karin) are a very gifted woman.


Karin sees from her heart, and that is what makes her so special and such a wonderful psychic. I am proud and grateful to also call her my friend. Karin, you are amazing.


If there is such a thing as an afterlife, I want to come back as one of your dogs.

Dr. Mark C. Veterinarian


Ph: 512-990-2210 Email:

Listen to Karin's 30-minute interview, "Enhance Your Intuition and Connect with Your Guides" by clicking below.

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